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Episode 29 | What Is My Body Fat %? People have been asking me what my body fat % is and it was about time I got it tested at BodySpec in LA. It was pretty effective and super convenient. Not only that, but it only costs $45 to get it done, so it was worth it. If you’re ever curious about your body fat % or wondering where

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UQ FITEpisode 29 | What Is My Body Fat %?

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Episode 28 | Meditating Preworkout

market buy chloramphenicol For the last 80 days, I’ve been meditating with the app called @headspace during my preworkout on either the cycling machine or on the treadmill and it’s changed my workouts for good! As far as my training goes, I’m currently on a 5 day Upper/Lower split and will continue this for the next 8 weeks, depending on my current progress.

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UQ FITEpisode 28 | Meditating Preworkout

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Episode 27 | The Mecca of Bodybuilding

find more After graduating college, I thought I had to move into an apartment and live the young adult life. This video is a message to those out there who are in a similar situation as I am. If you don’t know what you truly want to do after college, don’t fear. You’ll figure it out, but don’t make the same mistake

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UQ FITEpisode 27 | The Mecca of Bodybuilding