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7 Years Progress

charge On the left, at 16 years old around 7 years ago, I was 140 lbs at 5’ 9” my senior year of high school. I played Varsity Tennis, weight trained and did cardio after tennis practice, and ate ridiculously clean foods on an Intermittent Fasting, Keto style diet. I brought meal prep to class for crying out loud (I’m being

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UQ FIT7 Years Progress

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#Shredded My physique is back. Seriously it’s back and probably better than ever before. My training has been unbelievable lately. No more bloating, no more self-doubt, no more tinkering with stupid, irrelevant thoughts about “I think it was the extra veggies I ate that made my physique watery” or “I ate an extra few pieces of chicken than I should have” Continue

UQ FIT#Shredded